Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update from Michael Goodwin - May 27, 2012


All is well here, and I hope it is for you as well. Something occurred today which underscored just how well things are on this strange journey I’m on, provably innocent, yet in prison and unable to yet prove it because of delays in being able to file my appeal.

Last week I composed/typed the following, I AM SO VERY BLESSED (below). However, something told me not to yet mail it out to Ken Nagele to scan in and put on the internet. I felt my hesitation was because I had so much more to say on that subject, about how blessed I am.
For example I will be describing in writing the miracle l describe therein that occurred to me when my dear mother died. But, as it turned out, that desire to write more was not it. I’ll leave it at just one page so as to hopefully encourage more of you to read the following and reflect on it for you.

I feel that the reason for the delay has hit me right between the eyes this morning early when I did my daily BIBLE reading. My reading this morning was 1 Samuel 17, about David and Goliath. What perfect timing! I was tired and a bit overwhelmed by the obvious continuing corruption of the trial Judge, the District Attorney and the Attorney General in my case.

Don’t get me wrong. I was not by any stretch discouraged. Your support keeps me focused and strong. I just was flustered at the pile of work caused by the blatant dishonesty by the Judge and others repeatedly flaunting the law.

But the David vs. Goliath analogy was a perfect shot in the arm at a perfect time. We will prevail against the behemoth beast of the corrupt prosecution here. They will eventually collapse just like Goliath did because they underestimated us, just like Goliath did of David. I already have my “smooth stones” of defense ready.

Many of you may doubt my heartfelt claims in the following item on I’M BLESSED. If so please read MATTHEW 9:12-13 & HARK 2:17 -

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.
I have come not to call the righteous, but sinners”.

Let’s let it go at this. History is the ultimate Judge. I now feel my purpose ~in life is to expose the amazing corruption and dysfunction in the criminal justice system & to try to improve it.

My mission statement will be “More guilty people in, taking the place of too many innocent people who are now in”. GOD BLESS

Michael Goodwin



I am sitting, pondering my situation & listening to a Christian radio station playing beautiful and uplifting music.

You wonderful folks who have remained friends through this journey which is so trying for you, who have continued to support me, and have kept me in your prayers, keep my spirit so positive and my gratitude so deep. Thank you all so very, very much.

I recognize that most people who knew me “back then” mayor will say to themselves and each other “Goodwin has lost it” or “He is faking it, trying to get sympathy’.’ I am sincerely saddened that I was so wild and insensitive to the feelings and needs of others back then that people would automatically jump to that conclusion. 

 But, I understand why you would feel that way if you have not met with or spoken to me within the past ten years of this humbling experience. Even some of the people who have stood by me, met with me, and/or corresponded with me may still wonder if my conversion is true.

It’s very true. I had a true miracle occur to me when I was “in”, just after my dear Mother Merna passed on. This was truly a soul shaking miracle which had to be Mom speaking from the next world, which I now know is eternity.

My recognition that this was a calling by Mother to be a better person, to be more understanding and accommodating of others was so immensely powerful that it knocked me to my knees.

My tears poured out as I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My tears were of pure joy as I realized that Jesus Christ had a purpose for my life far greater than that I had pursued on my own.

I immediately became aware that the miserable, humiliating and unfair experiences I was suffering, of false accusations and imprisonment were designed by a divine hand to lead to far greater accomplishments than I had ever hoped for myself or that I was even capable of envisioning.

Having this purpose, A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, like in the wonderful book by Rick Warren, which I’ve read 14 times, is a huge blessing, more than making up for the inconveniences of this journey.

And, without the special blessings of the friendship, support and prayers by you, my attitude for this challenge would not be as SUPER powerful and patient. As to the SUPER, I didn’t say no more enthusiasm!

Michael Goodwin