Saturday, April 2, 2011

23 Years Since the Tragic Mickey and Trudy Thompson Murders... and They Still Aren't Solved

Evidence proves the Sheriff's Department quit trying to find the real killers twenty two years ago and focused on trying to find information that they could twist to link the crime to me; or even to manufacture evidence. But, that is not what I write about today.

Pleadings have now been filed, including evidence, to prove that, that I am innocent; that I was intentionally framed/railroaded via the commission of over 100 felony crimes by investigators and prosecutors; and this will all soon come out and be over soon.

I write today to celebrate the value of friendship and to thank all of you for the outpouring of support, including from the recent article posted on the internet. I have not been privileged to read it yet; my mail is often held up and even "lost'.

However, even a cop I didn't know stopped me in here the other day and said it was excellent. It is on, I understand, written in cooperation between Tom White, who recently visited, and Jody Weisel.

Apparently, from the letters I've received, the magazine is still garnering the great readership it had years ago when I was still heavily involved in trying to help build our fledging sport of Supercross, that Feld seems to be doing such a top notch job with nowadays.

I often think back to the very first Superbowl of Motocross when some of the top riders could not even afford gas money to get from race to race; when most people told me motocross would never work in a Stadium; and that first night in 1972, with 27,000 screaming fans present, I was throwing hay bales on the field to cover the grass. The Stadium manager had told me we could come back as long as the bike knobbys did not eat down into the football field.

Larry Huffman kept the fans on their feet; 16 year old wonder kid Marty Tripes beat all corners; my wonderful wife-to-be Diane kept the sponsors happy while I was on the field; Lynne Saunders coordinated; and we all learned. Rick Simon, from DIRT BIKE MAGAZINE, called it the "Salad Bowl of Motocross". And our Public Relations people mistakenly put Motorcross on the press ribbons; very embarrassing.

Bryon Farnsworth (who has experience in every area of motorcycling), Tom White, White Brothers, (Chairman of the AMA Hall of Fame), and Supermouth, Larry Huffman visited me recently. I assume that is in the article so I won't be redundant except to say it was wonderful being remembered and reliving old stories, not all of which could be reprinted either in MXA - or even here! Thank you guys for your time, expense and caring.

I also want to stress that I am extremely grateful for the letters of support and caring, plus the financial contributions to my defense fund that you've been so kind to send. They are all very helpful, as are your prayers. I apologize profusely for not having the time yet to write you each individually and thank you. I have a very tight window of opportunity to file my Motion to Dismiss based on something that just occurred, and I feel all will agree, that is most critical.