Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

News From Michael Goodwin

April 1, 2012
My Dear Friends,

As you may know, we finally won the Penal Code, Section 1405, to investigate the crime scene's DNA sources. The lead prosecutor, Alan Jackson, has hidden the list of potentially startling, exculpatory evidence for over five years.

Recall that exculpatory evidence is good for me. The DNA is important because it should conclusively prove the race of the killers. I was convicted based exclusively on black killers who allegedly escaped on bicycles.

Yet, not one of the crime scene eye witnesses reported seeing a black or a bike at the crime scene. And, the most reliable witness on the 911 call transcript reported, "I just saw a white shooter kill Trudy". Ballistics test prove that the bullets that killed Trudy came from the same gun that killed Mickey.

Every one of the other four witnesses to the crime reported a white shooter or suspect. But none of this came out in the trial. My trial lawyer really dropped the ball on this, and in many other areas.

DNA could be huge.

In addition, we are waiting on a ruling on a big discovery motion that will force the prosecutor to finally disclose over 250 pieces of exculpatory evidence that they illegally hid for trial. Those will also allow me to prove my innocence, and quite frankly, is much, much bigger than the DNA.

And, just the fact that the prosecution illegally hid this evidence, after it is produced, so that I can prove it exists, would in itself require reversal. But I need the evidence to prove it did exist and that it was important. Those are called BRADY violations. It takes just one to require a reversal. Again, I know it is hard to believe, I can guarantee that we can do over 250 BRADY violations that the prosecutors hid.

Finally, although I have no idea of the quality of the appeal, my appeal will have finally been filed or it will be too late as of May 3rd. We can thank John Bradley for ferreting out that information for us.

Do not dispare about that. Although a good direct appeal should have been done long ago, and done right, we would have won on it, now I can file my Habeas Corpus.

In the Habeas proceeding we get to introduce all of the evidence the prosecution hid from trial and to expose why the prosecutors and their witness told a lie. Generally, those issues are not allowed in the direct appeal because they were not brought up at trial. It is very strange, but that is how it works.

We will prevail. Please be patient. If I can do so in this hell, you can! Thank you for everyone's support. Please keep me in your prayers. And try to get media people interested in the real story.

God Bless,

Michael Goodwin