Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To My Many Friends and Other Blog Visitors


It has been 25 years since gunshots shattered the stillness in Bradbury that fateful morning. Finally, the real killers have been identified, although the authorities refuse to acknowledge this, and some justice appears on the horizon for me. I can't say more about this right now, but this new information should be breaking in the news in a few months.

As most of you are aware, we finally filed my Appeal. It is a fine piece of work and is posted on our blog here. The prosecution has just received an authorization to extend their deadline to answer our Appeal until April 24, 2013.

Recently, our Appeal attorney, Gail Harper, filed a pleading that, compared to the opposition pleading in the same matter, was head and shoulders better than what the prosecution had filed.

I've recently finished two legal briefs as part of the "stand-by" if we should need to file our habeas corpus petition. That would only be necessary if we should lose on our Direct Appeal, which I do not feel we will.

One of these writings by me exposes 46 material perjuries by prosecution trial experts, primarily by the victims' sister's lawyer, Dolores Cordell, who the prosecution confirmed was the #1 source of "case information".

The second document I've just finished is a listing of 35 groups of crime scene and escape route evidence that are suppressed. These are just the ones that are 100% confirmed but have no name "attached". There are more than five dozen more that reference names that are also suppressed, and that are material to guilt or innocence.

This suppressed crime scene and (alleged, but not true) "escape route" evidence was/is necessary to defend against the prosecution's #1 trial/theory allegation(s). Argument on those were on more than 50% of the trial opening statement/closing argument pages.

This is all tough and slow, but we will prevail. I guarantee it. Our greatest challenge continues to be the few hundred dollars per month that we need for expenses so as to keep fighting. So, if you can help there please do. Thank you for your support and God Bless.

Mike Goodwin